Without a doubt, Naju is very distant of us... However, if you want to travel, to know news, to visit and to pray in OUR LADY'S Chapel, following below in the text you will can to find precious information about the main places in the city.



You don't need any inoculations before to travel for South Korea unless you've recently been exposed to cholera. However, it's always a good idea to discuss your travel with your doctor, who may recommend additional vaccinations for diseases as hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, cholera, measles, polio, influenza, and tuberculosis. Malaria is not likely to be a problem. Bring a first-aid kit with an antiseptic, a laxative, and anti-diarrhea drugs. If you need anything else, you can get it in Seoul.



Hotels in South Korea are classified as super-deluxe, deluxe, first class, second class, and third class. You can recognize a super-deluxe hotel by its five-flower (instead of star); a third-class hotel has one flower. Most hotels have standard amenities such as restaurants, bars, salons, and fitness facilities and rooms generally include private baths and heating/cooling systems. Deluxe and super-deluxe hotels are likely to have shopping, entertainment, casinos, and some of the city's finest restaurants. Seoul offers a choice of at least 25 deluxe hotels and three times more for standard hotels. It is necessary to do a habitual research of prices. Before traveling is necessary to do reservation with two weeks of antecedence.



Seoul is hot and humid in the summer and cold and dry in the winter. The best months to travel are May and September. It should avoid traveling between December and February, when falls snow and does very cold. In the end of May or beginning of June begins the period of the rains that is going until the beginning of August. In the months of June and June rain up to 400 millimeters, a true deluge, that floods rivers and slopes. After the cloudburst the time clears up and the temperature rises, doing with that the people seek the beaches and the mountains. The average of high temperature in the months of July, August and September is around 30 centigrade degrees and the average of low temperature reaches 15 centigrade degrees.



By virtue of the difficulty of the Korean language, is always good to acquire by contract a firm to guide you in the places and visits. We recommended before traveling, that the people seek the Company MARY'S TOUCH. It is a Korean Catholic Organization established in United States of North America that maintains permanent contact with Naju and they also possess an outline of plan-travel. Below we place the Site of the Organization where you can to find all information.


HOLY MARY, MOTHER GOD AND OUR MOTHER - This Site wants to synthesize in an objective way, our BLESSED MOTHER'S wonderful existential trajectory that SHE lived among us, enhancing the most important evangelical passages as well as placing in evidence HER precious virtues and qualities, which attract all the hearts.
Contents: Mary’s Life of Nazareth; Infancy and Youth; Announcement of the Angel; Joseph's Doubt; Mary's Pregnancy; The Jewish Marriage; JESUS' Birth; Visits of the Wise Man; the escape for Egypt; return to Nazareth after the death of king Herod; Public life of JESUS; Assumption of Our Lady at the Heaven.


APOSTOLATE OF THE SACRED HEARTS - This is the address of the PORTAL OF APOSTOLATE OF THE SACRED HEARTS. In him are all Sites that with perseverance and dedication we built. All the Sites are based in the Sacred Writing, in the Christian Tradition, in the Supernatural Manifestations and in the Life and Work of Saints.



A LITTLE OF OUR HISTORY - This Site presents a Divine admirable teaching which is a perfect and guaranteed orientation for all people that want to find the true happiness.



WORKS AND REALIZATIONS - The Site presents the activities more important of the Apostolate of the Sacred Hearts that were placed into practice in several Parishes and Dioceses.



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