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  - Humanity was not born by chance and never even descended from some animal. We are born special creatures according to a prescribed and idealized plan in the Heart of the CREATOR, to live in plentitude, to be happy and to correspond as a son to the Divine Love.

This means to say that were born for a sublime purpose and not to live egoistically, essentially worried with work, only thinking in the material success, in the outward appearances good, living of pleasures and completely satisfying your desires..

All people have a Body and Soul. The Body is born from the relationship of our parents, blessed by Sacrament of Matrimony. The Soul comes from the LORD. In the sacred moment of fertilization, the Soul that is fruit from the CREATOR Wish penetrates in the fertilized ovule in the mother's uterus, orientating the cells multiplication and giving form to the fetus, which is a creature that goes to be born for life.

Therefore, each person has a human part, which is the Body, and a Divine part, which is the Soul, invention of GOD; they are two essential parts and nobody exists without them.

Because of this, a person to be “complete” and to have life in plenitude has to harmonize his existence, equally satisfying the necessities of the Body and the Soul.

We satisfy Body necessities every time that we seek to satisfy its needs; for example: when we are hungry and eat, when we are thirsty and drink, and so successively, when we practice sports, we do recreation, we sleep, etc.

We satisfy the Soul necessities, every time that we seek to unite him to GOD, through all the forms of Prayer and Good Works.

If a person only is worried in to satisfy the Body necessities, your Soul will go “to atrophy” . Its existence will be abnormal, even if apparently demonstrates financial gain, because although having two vital parts (Body and Soul) the person only is exercising one part.

Of the same way Body does not live without material alimentation, the Soul “does not live” without spiritual alimentation (prayer and good works), in others words, the Soul does not have “life in plentitude” without primordial food which is the presence of GOD. It only exists ... And Body with Soul “lifeless”, this is, “without life”, is the same that a person with a limb “atrophied”.

These considerations propose that, for a person to be morally and physically well poised, it must have care and zeal with your Body and Soul.

Consequently, searching to live in perfect consonance with your own nature, also will be in harmony with the life, will be a happy person. It will have difficulties and tribulations as all people they have, inherent to the Cross and Mission of the existence that LORD trusted us. But it will have also the inspiration, the tranquility and the discernment necessary to find adequate solutions for all problems, that your Soul inspired by the HOLY GHOST will seek in the Light of GOD.

From this truth was born the APOSTOLATE OF THE SACRED HEARTS (of JESUS and MARY), on April 14, 1979, in Taubate, State of San Paul, Brazil, a laymen apostolate, engaged in research of information for study upon THE MOST SAINT TRINITY, the DIVINE MYSTERIES, and the admirable Work of the SACRED HEART OF JESUS and of the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY in benefit of the Humanity.

We accomplish permanent actualization of the acquired knowledge, in Brazil and beyond, as well as we have the necessary preoccupation to divulge all results, with the objective to increase spirituality, awaking and stimulating the people to know the truth Christian, and the precious value of the Divine precept: “Love yourselves and one another as I have loved you”. (John 15,12)

This because we believe, the people knowing the truth Christian, they can to place them into practice by the fact that we are born to love and who loves, does not kill, does not rob, does not commit adultery, keeps away the ambition which involves the heart, it seeks to be patient and brotherly it lives as true brothers which we are, sons of the same and marvelous ETERNAL FATHER.

So, having concluded the mission which HE trusted us and which we must to accomplish with disposition and courage despite all obstacles, we can come back to the loving arms of HIM, of where we came out one day, and then, to receive the inheritance of HIS eternal Love.