CONFIRMED – These are supernatural manifestations admirable and impressive who have gone showed with various photographic documentations remarkable and unforgettable. Also in Naju has happened and it happens others very important manifestations, as for example: a pleasant fragrance of roses is perceived whenever Julia holds a Rosary; also on some special occasions, the Chapel is invaded with a delicious scent of roses, staying perfumed completely; still it is observed a notable power of intercession in the Seer; people with serious problems of health have sought the prayers and your intercession near OUR LADY. The VIRGEN MARY always kindhearted hears Julia's supplication and intercede next to GOD, in benefit of the sick person. Many requests have gone welcome in an extraordinary way and have happened re-establishment of the people's health with occurrence of true miracles. Also, exceptional cures are happening through the water of the Font of the Chapel. People with problematic diseases, they have drunk that water and have stayed perfectly cured.

MESSAGES- Our BLESSED MOTHER left many words and recommendations to all us. They are advices of an affectionate MOTHER who wants your children's well-being. For this reason, SHE has done motherly supplications in spite of the modern times and of the changes and transformations of humanity's habits: SHE wants everybody they receive the Reconciliation Sacrament, seeking a Church and confessing your sins in order also may to receive frequently the Sacred Host and being worthy of the graces of GOD, establishing an firm friendship with the LORD and impelling the steps of your life concretely in the direction of the CREATOR. SHE emphasizes the need of the conversion of the heart and makes others solicitations:

To help for that the family it be united, praying and supplicating the Light of GOD to overcome the disagreements and incomprehension of daily life

Stop with the massacres of innocents, not permitting they happen the terrible abortions.

The people should to pray frequently, for your needs, by the intentions of the Pope and by peace in the world.

The people must also to pray by the priests, doing to be respected with friendship.

All people need to live a life consecrated to GOD, seeking always to place the LORD in first place and staying in union with HIM in the work, in the family and in the leisure.

All must to pray by the sinners' conversion and to participate with ME (OUR LADY), through the sufferings of each day, of the complete remission of the humanity's sins.

Make public My Messages for the whole world.

Pray, pray and pray. Always pray with the heart.

THE FACTS ARE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN- The occurrences supernatural in Naju they have gone published everywhere of the world, in the countries of the East and in the West, through films, videos, images and books. Also they have been witnessed by millions and millions of people of all ages and always causing admiration and awe, because they are singular events of origin Divine that fascinate and they perturb to the deepest fibers of the heart, by your unanswerable truth and clarity of the facts. Above all, they authenticate an extreme demonstration of the CREATOR FATHER'S Love in HIS children's benefit, children of all races, scattered in all the remote corners of this wonderful Earth. It is an impressive and poignant scream of Love directed from the DIVINE HEART to the ear of our heart, inviting us to a fraternal love, living as true brothers, cultivating the justice, the charity and the fidelity to GOD. SHE wants that each person must to seek the best way for your conversion, with the objective to live happy, and so, revealing to be in fact the LORD’S seed, because in verity, we are made the Image and HIS Likeness.

HOMEPAGE- This Site in honor of OUR LADY OF NAJU was built by the APOSTOLATE OF THE SACRED HEARTS, with the purpose of helping in the popularization of this extraordinary intervention and also to facilitate at the hearts of good-will to know about these manifestations and can to benefit himself of the fruits that the LORD and OUR BLESSED MOTHER have placed at our disposition.


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