Pilates once again, exaggerating in his attributions ordered the massacre of hundreds of Samaritans in Garizim, sacred mount in the Samara, because he imagined that they were planning a revolution against of the Roman Empire domain. Longinus and the centurions of his group, which belonged to Cornelius' and Cretus' garrison, they have received order to take part in this unimportant mission, but Longinus didn't obey the order, because he didn't agree with the nature of the task classifying it of "dirty" and "coward".


As a result he was punished by superiors and locked up for thirty days, having a meal and a glass of water a day.

He preferred this drastic punishment than to respect that order and to carrying a blame felling by the rest of his life.

When the punishment ended, he had lost 15 kilos and was undernourished with problems in the kidney. Once again Yossef's friendship came to help him, taking him to his house so that he had conditions to recover the health.

But then, the news of the massacre of Samaritans have arrived to the Roman Senate that, indignant with that fact, they have summoned Pilates to explain and justify his deeds.

Pilates traveled to Rome in order to defend if of the accusations. But his bad behavior and crimes were so many, that he can’t get away, ended up having a violent death.

Longinus received the official pardon ... Cornelius that had him in great esteem, it decided to take the pardon news to he in Yossef's house.

In Italy Tiberius Caesar died and Caligula was proclaimed the new Emperor. In that period, a powerful army of barbarians coming from the East attacked Egypt by Alexandria Port. Several Roman Legions were sent there to reinforce the existing army. Among them was Longinus’s garrison.

Before leaving, he visited Yossef and trusted him to protect “The Passion Lance”.



Proud and full of idealism, he marched together with companions, holding garrison's standard, serving the country with dedication and courage.

Months of intense combat followed with all kinds of difficulties due the ferocity’s and bravery’s of the enemies that never surrendered.

The military campaign was persisting there is two years when Longinus went severely wounded. An Ottoman sword crossed his chest, amputating the left arm.

During a battle pause, when the armies prepare and if reorganize for a new attack, a rescue group found him in a pool of blood next to many bodies without life.

He was taken unconscious to the infirmary where he was promptly looked after. Only his abnormal breathing and also, the heartbeat weak could be noticed. He slowly recovered the conscience, and was fed with liquid for the three weeks that followed. His conditions were so hard that it didn't there be any life hope.

The fight continued savage and ferocious, without a signal of to be arriving at the end.

When Longinus recovered the sense, he stayed shocked when perceived who had lost the left arm. He was mutilated. He was a very skilled man with a sword in your hand, full of courage when defending his ideals and with a great perception of military responsibility. He was desolate, because it understood who now was useless for the legion. He could never again parade with his companions, proudly showing the clothes of centurion. Never more he would hold and would carry the victorious flag of the battalion and nor would fight by the Empire for doing it more glorious and also, helping to defend it from its enemies keeping the peace all over. For this reason, he cried and cried a lot. No thought could comfort him, no advantage could replace his disappointment and sadness; he was desolate conscious that never more it could serve the great Roman Empire Army... Terrible ideas crossed his mind. He was with a impression that would not be possible to continue living; the life was "useless"... The life of soldier had died in that damned combat. He was dead and didn’t learn to live of another way. At that moment, advice would do no good. His spirit was uneasy; nothing that people could say or could make any peace could bring to his mind.

His treatment took months with no apparent signal of improvement. A great wound open in the chest that for not to infect was requiring, constant care. The health's conditions of Longinus and the suffering were almost insupportable.

Cornelius, in the opportunities was at the his side, trying to cheer him up and encourage him. However, how in the battlefields don’t have much to offer about the treatment, so they have decided to send him back to Jerusalem.

It went a hard trip due to the dust, the lack of comfort, inadequate feeding and the medicine was applied of precarious way, he arrived almost dead.

Once again, Yossef's great friendship brought an enormous help. Longinus went taken Yossef’s house and received the treatment and the care necessary.

Once again he stayed at Yossef's house; but it was a day of very rain. Longinus and Yossef were alone and he was quiet and taciturn. His friend was trying to cheer him up by telling him the news about the disciples of JESUS, about the Christian communities that grew in a notable way. He listened in silence. Yossef kept on talking upon the "agape", in the liturgical celebrations and the "Holy Masses" which were said by Peter, Andre and John, not forgetting to mention the several miracles that have happened by OUR LORD'S Wish.

But Longinus remained in silence, his thoughts were far away. In his mind the film of the Calvary's scene and the sadness by the events were mixed with a happiness of gratitude, because it saw that his eyes were completely cured, it didn't shed tears in an abnormal way and nor were impeding the vision as formerly. Also looked his hand seeing who bloodstain had vanished completely! A pleasing chill cheered up your spirit; at the same time in that a comforting idea took over the thinking, making to grow a vigorous hope inside his heart.

Holding Yossef’s arm, he asked:

- My friend, please, brings me the Lance.

The wound in the chest was big and stayed aching with any movement. The breathing also was not normal, and whenever had any emotion, stayed coughing very much and bleeding.

Yossef came back with the Lance and placed in the bed, next to the right arm of Longinus. The centurion turning the hand slowly firmly it grabbed. Of sudden he felt a shiver to run through his body, heating the hand and the face, as if blood circulation had increased, or as if he had next to a furnace. The sweat was coming out of his face, while the legs and feet went involved pleasantly for a sensation that comforted. His soul was on guard foreseeing that something especial would happen. In the chest, exactly where was the wound, the temperature rose considerably, heating all breast region, as if a red-hot iron was cauterizing. Of fact, in few seconds the wound it closed. He was completely healed.

OUR GOD demonstrated visibly HIS infinite mercy, scarring miraculously the wound in the Longinus' chest, healing him instantaneously.

He jumped out of the bed, and it vibrated of emotion and gladness, he was contented by the miracle that had just happened through LORD'S compassion. Holding the friend, he thanked the GOD unceasingly, while tears were continuously rolling down throughout his smiling face, expressing a deepest gratitude and demonstrating, immense happiness.

Therefore, without the left arm, Longinus was dismissed from the Praetorian Legion, passing to receive a benefit on compensation by the efficient years of work.


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