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It is prayed like this:


1 – To do the Sign of the Cross and to recite THE APOSTLES CREED.

2 – To recite THE OUR FATHER.

3 – To recite three THE HAIL MARY, in honor The Most Holy TRINITY.

4 – GLORY BE TO THE FATHER - Glory be to the FATHER and to the SON and to the HOLY SPIRIT, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

5 – To announce the First Mystery (they are different in the days of the week, to see below) and soon after to pray THE OUR FATHER.  

6 – To pray ten (10) THE HAIL MARY, and to meditate in the content of each Mystery.  

7 – In the end of the decade THE HAIL MARY to say The GLORY BE TO THE FATHER.

And after to recite one or two WORD TO BE PRAYED.  

8 – To announce the Second Mystery and soon after to recite OUR FATHER. And it follows with ten THE HAIL MARY as was explained.

Of this way, you pray until the end of the Chaplet. After the prayers of the 5th Mystery, to end with HAIL HOLY QUEEN.


To know each Mystery correctly, to know the Origin of the Chaplet, inclusive knowing its Benefits notables, to click in the followings Link:

JOYFUL MYSTERIES - To prayer Monday and Saturday

LUMINOUS MYSTERIES - To prayer Thursday

SORROWFUL MYSTERIES - To prayer Tuesday and Friday

GLORIOUS MYSTERIES - To prayer Wednesday and Sunday