THE PRESENT - In several places of the world, OUR LADY'S images weep! But, why do shed tears our BLESSED MOTHER'S images?

Remember that in Akita, Japan, besides the messages and teachings that VIRGIN MARY transmitted to Sister Agnes in our benefit, a small image spilled tears of blood copiously; also OUR MYSTIC ROSE LADY'S image in Italy, on several occasions wept. And now in Naju, in South Korea, the BLESSED MOTHER'S image also spilled tears... For no one in this opportunity to have malicious thoughts and doubts and imagining to be a fraud, happened a truly spectacular event. The image during more than 700 days wept and spilled tears of blood, in the presence of ecclesiastical authorities, men, women, children and specialists in many areas that have reaped the blood to examine in laboratory. They have verified that the precious liquid was human blood. From June 30, 1985 to December of 1992, the world had enough time to check that those were true tears they translated a feeling of sadness, because of the unworthy behavior of the humanity.

But finally, why our BLESSED MOTHER is weeping and spilling tears even of blood?

Fr. Raymond Spies, spiritual director of Julia, with the image spilling tears of blood.

MEANT OF THE TEARS - Humanity is not truly that preciousness idealized by the CREATOR! The weaknesses dominate the people's hearts making in many opportunities who they commit the evil that they don't want to practice.

However, is not licit to accept a situation immoral for more difficult that it be, without reacting, letting that the things happen without respect at the standards of the family and of the religion. OUR LORD teaches: must to exist a resistance firm, with objectify to not allow the happening occurrences deplorable. Never to allow that a fact abominable happens by accommodation and conveniences of those seeking to consolidate positions that are ephemeral, that don't bring any interior peace and any profit for the spirit.

We know however, is not an easy task to create a contrary force to fight against the evil when it grows and it wants overpowering the souls. Because the evil, operating on the character and in the faith of persons, it destroys all your fortifications. Being an invisible potency, to be neutralized efficiently doesn't only require persistence and the people's perseverance, but above all it demands GOD'S help.

It is necessary that the people have disposition and courage to supplicate the Divine protection. The way more utilized is looking for to establish a friendship with the LORD by the prayer and by the personal behavior. Because people without GOD'S help don't have any means to win the forces of the evil.

In June of 1987 VIRGIN MARY delicately explained to Julia, the reasons of HER tears:

"My dear daughter, my tears are by the humanity's constant failure in not to love GOD as HE deserves and not to love the people as He himself taught us. And also because of the loathsome abortions that kills a countless number of babies daily, murdering innocents in the wombs of the mothers, by cowardice, wickedness and satanic pleasure. And still, because of the many souls that refuse to repent of your sins and don't interest in to look for means for your conversion, with the risk of the own eternal condemnation."

In a first meditation, we should have in mind that OUR LADY is truly our Mother, which intercedes next to GOD in our benefit and always gets the graces we need for our life.

Then is natural that we must and we may to help somehow, seeking to alleviate a little our BLESSED MOTHER'S pains and making to decrease the intensity of your tears. With this objective we must to increase our devotion at HER, exercising our faith with dignity, respecting the Saint Name of GOD and revealing our largest attention for our Mother of the Heaven. Without doubt, this is the right way because so we will get to dry surely a little the precious tears that it comes of your BLESSED HEART.

ALIVE IMAGES - Following, we have some images unforgettable with the impressive tears of our BLESSED MOTHER, for you to guard in your heart.

Is it not reasonable, each one of us, to assume the decision to seek the heart's conversion and to dry the tears of OUR LADY?

PERFUMED OIL -Having the image ceased to spill tears, from the head, among the hair, not existing any openings, flowed precious and agreeable perfumed oil that spread in the whole Chapel of Naju, with a pleasant and soft scent of roses. This phenomenon happened until October of 1994. Then it ceased and after one week it came back until year 1998. The people that accompanied Julia in the prayer of the Rosary also have testified that almost all days, the same scent of roses it flooded the Chapel salon completely.

OUR MOTHER'S REASONS - With this intervention sensational and worthy of the greatest respect and veneration, the BLESSED VIRGIN wants to wake the humanity of the numbness of the indifference, of the incredulity and of the spiritual fading. SHE wants to stimulate people to practice the teaching of the Gospel and to revitalize the traditional Christian faith, living a life of prayers, with humility, in harmony and with charity, principally, loving the GOD with conscience and disposition.



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