THE COUNTRY - South Korea was formed in 1948, by the approval of the Federal Constitution instituting the Government of the Republic. However, from 1950 to 1953, in face of a terrible and atrocious war with North Korea, an abominable fight among brothers in search of domain and power, that brought disastrous consequences to the population, attacked with barbarism and killed, causing mourning and poverty in the whole country.

The reconstruction was slow and marked by political and social revolutions, in an economy based essentially in agriculture. However starting from 1960 the country acquired a notable industrial growth, with the establishment of western and Japanese factories. This event impelled and developed the country in the commercial, social, educational, and health sectors, and besides its own industrial zone.

THE INHABITANTS- Today South Korea possesses more than 45 million inhabitants, in a small strip of land smaller than Switzerland. But, because of the large industrialization, the population 85% approximately is urban. Seoul, the capital, possesses more than 10 million inhabitants.

This industrial growing forced the people to study and to learn, preoccupied with instruction, in an incessant search for the improvement of knowledge, in virtue of the market to have grown and to have turned more demanding and competitive, only being victorious those who were in conditions to accompany the evolution, improving their knowledge through technical courses and specialization.

It happened that this concern by the material growth, and by the bread abundant of each day, was not accompanied by the necessary and indispensable spiritual evolution, that gives balance and completes the people's existence, placing in evidence the value of the life: not only in the stuff aspect but mainly as spirit. This fact has reflected directly in the people and in the personal behavior, showing 80% of the Korean population not has religion of any type, they are atheist; and approximately 12.5% profess Buddhism and 7.5% of the people they profess others religions. The Catholic Christianity doesn't reach 2%, that is to say, it doesn't reach one million of people Christians Catholic Roman.

MATERIALISM AND UNBELIEF - This reality has facilitated the increase of heresy and in consequence, the persecutions at the Christians, with the objective of to exterminate them, because according to the thought of most: "they were fanatic that imposed a method of unacceptable life that reduced the freedom "... They do not believe in the Christian teaching and in the mystery that happens in the Holy Mass, not accepting the presence of GOD in the Host and in the Consecrated Wine, saying: "this is a diabolical invention to wash the mind of the partisans."

As it has happened in other parts of the world, the pressure against the doctrine and the Christians were really very big, unbearable. For that reason, the history reveals a notable number of Korean martyrs that have spilled their blood honoring its faith, attracting the Divine mercy for those that have stayed the faithful at the LORD.

OUR REALITY - This preamble makes itself necessary, for reason that in several countries of the world, we witness the humanity incurring in the same mistakes and way to live unacceptable, because are contrary at the moral principles of good family constitution and of the people's religious feeling.

Why we see this with preoccupation, and also, why we believe that we are all brothers in CHRIST, children of the same ETERNAL FATHER wonderful who allowed us to live for to know HIM and to love HIM, we decide to describe what has happened and is happening in Korea. Those are manifestations of the greatness of the Divine glory that once again is revealed in incommensurable dimensions, demonstrating in fullness the GOD'S precious love who desires the well-being and salvation of all HIS children. And this Divine behavior also demands a immediate response of all creatures. It is not acceptable, before so many facts and extraordinary phenomenon, that people they continue indifferent, only worrying about personal comfort, with the financial advantages and all the modalities of pleasures, deaf the interior voice that invite us to the mysteries of the life and for us to exercise the needs of the spirit. Those phenomenons that will be presented here are a very small portion of the events that have happened in Naju. But are unquestionable demonstrations that testify to the Divine zeal in to prove the Christian truth. They are also an invitation for people to respect and to believe in the Eucharistic mystery. Finally, it's too a invitation for all to look for to understand the value of the supernatural manifestations that have left people of all ages, priests, religious, bishops and even His Holiness the Pope John Paul II rapt and replete of admiration.

INVOKING THE GOOD SENSE - For the unquestionable reasons mentioned and by the good sense that inhabits and guides our spirit, this presentation will proportion only happiness and peace at the heart, if you understand in your meditation the necessity of GOD'S Love. If you have read only the facts that are here and stays in silence and not stimulating its soul, you will not help at the LORD in your own benefit and in benefit of the humanity. It will be important and necessary that the persons manifest itself of some way, revealing your faith and showing for the friends and relatives everything that will have the opportunity of to see here. So, breaking the inertia of the spiritual laziness, taking your conviction in all places and recommending the people to know this Site, which will go to proportion them the opportunity of also to live supernatural moments in contact with the texts and photos that reveal our GOD. This will do them an immense good, because above all, this attitude will take them for near the CREATOR. And this way, they will also have opportunity to receive benefit by the immensity of the graces which of a fatherly manner the LORD spills on all HIS children that trust HIM and seek HIS love ineffable and Powerful Protection.


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