In the following day, in the Soldiers' Camp, Longinus didn't get up he had slept badly and has had a terrible fever, so high it was that his body shook incessantly.

Benka, the wise person in sciences, that it assist the Sanhedrin, was guided to the military lodging to see him. After examining him, recommended that he should be fed properly and to stay in rest for at least 4 days.

Yossef, a friend that he has made in Jerusalem knowing about his difficulties, took him to house leaving under the care of his family, propitiating the comfort and the necessary resources for recovery.

In the moment that Longinus was transported to Yossefís house, he was so ill, with a such high fever that was delirious. He was placed into a wide room with a great window where entered much light and the exuberant clarity of the sun. But he was not in conditions to enjoy of that comfort, nor was able to recognize anybody and neither to exchange impressions about his own health.

Benka visited him again with objective to follow the evolution of his case, but the fever continued, making him to sweat and to turn in the bed. Sometimes he moved so much from a side to other side, as if he wanted to escape from some force that was trying to keep him in the bed. Other times he stayed with eyes wide-open but without seeing what was happening around.
When he woke up the following day, he felt a terrible weakness, and the clothing that he wore was completely wet from perspiration. Yossef's family, always kindly and helpful accompanied the reactions of his organism and they tried to serve him of the best way possible.

Because of the fever, Longinus was constantly half-dizzy and also did not want if to feed of agreement with the medical recommendation.

In the third day, at lunchtime, he decided to sit down at the table to make company to everybody, because felt better, walked with normality and didn't complain about any weakness.

When the lunch finished, Yossef prayed aloud:

- We thank LORD GOD by the food which we ate. That it may be good for our body and stimulate the fidelity of our spirit.

That word "spirit" touched Longinus. He believed in many gods and counted on their protection always in the material aspect, because he never knew and nor imagined that each people beside the body it had anything else!

Thus, considering the friendship that united them and his personal desire, in the first opportunity alone with Yossef, satisfying the own curiosity asked at the friend:

- Yossef, today after the meal you thanked the GOD' protection in a way that I didn't know. I always knew that we should ask for our well-being, by the conquest in a war, to win money and to satiate all our material needs. But to ask for the "spirit", how is this?

- This is a long story Longinus that I have learned slowly, during the years of my life, reading and doing comparisons between the sacred texts and also with the Law's Doctors Teachings. I have gone observing and trying to deduce with great effort the messages of the prophets properly. Especially, I studied the prophet Isaiah, reading and meditating on his visions of Judah and Jerusalem, in the time of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah that were descendant kings of the David.

- How did you get these writings?

- Some copies I bought, and others that were lacking, I got the authorization to copy them from the parchments of the Temple.

Yossef continued:

- In the chapter 7, verse 14 of the Book of Isaiah, he told a messianic prophecy, that attracted my attention:

"For this reason the sovereign master himself will give you a confirming sign. Look, this young woman is about to conceive and will give birth to a son. You, young woman, will name him Immanuel that means GOD with us". (Isaiah 7.14)

- They are words very important because reveal that the Messiah will truly be born among us, bringing salvation to people, forgiving our many sins and leaving means to sanctify our personal life. In the chapter 9, verse 7, Isaiah wrote:

ďHis dominion will be vast and he will bring immeasurable prosperity. He will rule on Davidís throne and over Davidís kingdom, establishing it and strengthening it by promoting justice and fairness, from this time forward and forevermore. The Lordís intense devotion to his people will accomplish this. GODíS Judgment Intensifies".(Isaiah 9.7)

- This means that he (the BOY-GOD) will be born and will grow among us, he will be the Prince of Peace, and will form an immense kingdom of love and justice, everywhere, bringing peace to all hearts that welcome the Divine Message. Evidently, we will only accept and consider this reality when we understand that we cannot serve the two sides, at the good and at the evil. We have to know how to opt: either we serve GOD and look for our salvation, or we serve at the evil power, at the idols and after we will be responsible by consequences of our decision. Here, I begin answering part of your question: but to save what?

- Naturally, to save the "soul" or "our spirit" which is the same thing because the body nothing more is the spirit's clothes. When we die the body rots and it be transformed into dust. The spirit stays alive, it doesn't die. It is the spirit that will render our bills to GOD for all that we have done (our deeds), of good or of bad ones, along our lives. On the other hand, the people that seek to take the right path of GOD, it will result in great benefit to your present life, reaching peace and the LORD'S protection daily.

- In the text sacred the prophet reveals all the indications that guide us to the CREATOR affirming: only GOD saves, and HE will save everybody that hear HIS call:

"Tell me! Present the evidence! Let them consult with one another! Who predicted this in the past? Who announced it beforehand? Was it not I, the LORD? I have no peer, there is no GOD but me, a GOD who vindicates and delivers; there is none but me. Turn to me so you can be delivered, all you who live in the earthís remote regions! For I am GOD and I have no peer."(Isaiah 45.21-22)

- With these indications and many others that are also important, I could to make comparisons in a series of supernatural facts that happened here in Palestine during three years and are related to JESUS OF NAZARETH. I refer to the great number of extraordinary cures and notable miracles, like blind men recovering the visions, people disabled they come back to walk, and even dead resurrecting. Incredible things, never seen anywhere. And together with all of these manifestations, visible and unanswerable, stood out the authority and the power of HIS Word, the clear and logical way as HE explained the Sacred Writings, in an authentic and admirable manner, with simple and direct words, that reached down well the bottom of the heart.

- But how, Yossef?

- How, I don't know, but I can tell you sincerely that deep inside of my heart, something always it confided me, in the beginning timidly, but then, when I had the opportunity to see HIM and to hear HIM personally, it consolidated my conviction which "That Man" was truly the Messiah announced by prophet Isaiah. The facts began happening in a way, so coincidentally that, they not can to be denied, especially by me who was studying those sacred texts. I stayed very happy in to have acknowledged many of those occurrences, and witnessed some of the unquestionable facts.

- The Jews killed JESUS an innocent Man and a Sacred Prophet. HE went the victim of an evil plot that it had origin in the Sanhedrin, probably headed by the Superior High Caiaphas, conspired with others members, scribes, and some elders. I am sure that the main reason went jealousy and envy. They didn't get to overcome the irrefutable arguments replete of logic that the Rabbi of Nazareth it exposed and also they have not witnessed and have not believed in the miracles that HE did in benefit of the people that with perseverance, insistence and full of faith, they sought HIM. For this reason, they killed JESUS.

- I didn't go to the Calvary to witness the crucifixion, because I was very unhappy and disturbed with everything that I saw. I came back home, with the choked voice and with my heart grieving, before so much cowardice, sordidness and ingratitude.

- When did it happen this, Yossef?

- It happened last Friday, and I can affirm with all conviction that "That Man" was in fact the SON OF GOD.

- But what makes you feel so sure about this, my friend?

- Longinus, I had the opportunity to know HIM personally... HE was an admirable MAN... Tall, with the skin burned by the sun, dark chestnut hair up to HIS shoulder, beard dark which compose an attractive and nice face. HE had a penetrating glance, which irradiated trust and it inspired peace.

- Two years ago, Rebecca, my oldest daughter, while helping my wife with the house chores, went up to the terrace in order to repair a leakage when in a moment of negligence she slid of the eaves and fell with her back shocking violently in the ground. The result went a paralysis in whole right side that left her deeply prostrated and with no interest in the life. Not feeding properly he was on the road to death. In the Last Passover, in the passed year, I was coming back from work, when I saw JESUS a certain distance, walking towards our street and followed by a great number of people. I ran to my house, it held Rebecca in my arms, and it walked with determination and faith towards HIM, because if HE wanted could cure my daughter.

- When JESUS saw me, HE slowed of the steps until to stop. My legs were shaking of emotion, impeding me to continue walking to His encounter. I was breathless, my breathing stayed out of control, and my heart pulsed quickly. HE looked at me and smiled... Oh! Longinus, how much tenderness they have come out of that smile and of HIS glance! I felt as if a powerful wave of heat was burning my chest nicely and involving me with an indescribable affection.

- With serene face looked at Rebecca and gently HE extended the hand in a paternal gesture as if HE was inviting her: "daughter comes here".

- She, quickly, escaped of my arms and as if she had never been ill, ran to HIM hugging with affection and kindness. I couldn't resist that scene dear friend, went a very strong emotion to see my own daughter to be cured through a only smile of JESUS. (Luke 18.15-16)

- I cried of joy. I didn't know what to do or what to say, for that reason I cried. They were sincere tears that expressed my admiration and my deepest gratitude.

- HE holding the hand of my daughter walked to where I was and placing Your hand in my shoulder, HE said:

- "Be in peace, your daughter is cured".

- And HE continued walking followed always by the crowd, while I, with great rejoicing and emotion was observing with my eyes full of tears HIS fast steps going ahead in order to reach other wounded hearts on the life road.

Longinus heard in silence that one narration and stayed so much admired that for a moment he didn't get a manner to articulate any word. He had never heard a narrative so pretty and full of emotion.

After some time he spoke:

- My friend, without shadow of doubt, you went through a fabulous experience. There are not words that may demonstrate, honestly, the value of these truths what you revealed me. I've learned many things in this time that we are together. Thank you!

At this time, a friend of Yossef with name Lyses came to visit him. Perceiving that he wanted to confide something it took him to a room.

Lyses said:

- The city is replete of rumors. A rumor was spread early this morning leaving everybody shaken. They say that JESUS resurrected. I sought some of HIS Pupils, but it is difficult to find them. Everybody is hidden with fear of the High Priest's personnel. The women are happier and they confirmed the fact. In fact, some women told which have seen HIM and that JESUS was wonderful, surrounded of very bright light that it involved HIM completely.

- Praised be GOD. Then, without a shadow of doubt, JESUS OF NAZARETH is the true Messiah... Thatís one formidable news, Lyses! I was sure of this and you know the reasons, but now, with the Resurrection, OUR LORD confirms all the prophecies and invites the unbelievers and those of little faith, to review their convictions and your own behavior. Come! I want to introduce you to a friend. I am sure that he will also to like to hear this news.

After being introduced to Longinus, Lyses in attention to the solicitation of Yossef, told him about the rumor of the Resurrection of JESUS:

- HE had spoken that after HIS death, HE would resurrect on the third day. The Highest Priest Joseph Ben Caiaphas and his father-in-law Annas, that were involved in the same plot, ordered three soldiers of the Temple to fix with cement the stone that closed the entrance to the grave where JESUS went buried and then they placed guards to avoid that HIS Pupils going there and removing the LORD, later they would affirm that HE had resurrected.

- On the third day after HIS burial, the stone of the sepulcher rolled itself noisily at the same time that a strong lightning appeared and an invisible force threw the guards against the floor, impeding them of to see what was happening, while magnificent JESUS involved by a very bright halo rose at the Heaven.

- Soon after, the guards got up and went to encounter Sanhedrin's Chiefs to tell them what had happened.

- The Holy Women, which have gone to the sepulcher in the morning in order to anoint LORD'S Body, once that not had been made due to lack of time, they found empty the grave and when they have returned to the city they saw JESUS alive! HE had resurrected and HE was bright with the Face recovered and the wounds were scarred. (Jo 20.1-20)

- The Holy Women were filled of enthusiasm and with much excitement, trying to describe with more details the greatness of the event, speaking with so much firmness and conviction that the Disciples were admired and speechless.

Finishing his words Lyses said:

- And completing the message, the Holy Women have said that JESUS wants to meet with all them in the Galilee.

Longinus stayed touched. He was replete of emotion visibly. Now free of worry, finally he can smile after good-time. It was as if someone had removed a very heavy load of responsibility of his shoulders, and thus, alleviated and more tranquil, he wanted to know more details about the events, making many questions for the companions.

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